Published On: Sat, Feb 25th, 2017

Grand Fuck Auto Review

Well, if you loved to play the Grand Theft Auto series, now it’s time to become even more addicted! Grand Fuck Auto is the most interactive adult game ever, it has stunning graphics (you can see some samples below) and it brings you loads of exploring choices for thousands of hours of enjoyment! That’s right, you can now interact with almost everything in the game and experience the most amazing virtual sex, enjoying the wildest sex fantasies online! 

So, what is Grand Fuck Auto about? As the online gaming community said, there is no such game as this one on the market so far! The game is about SEX, FOREPLAY, NUDITY, CRIMINAL ACTIONS and TONS OF GIRLS! Various sexual missions, as for example seducing (actually, hardcore fucking) a police woman who previously was a stripper at her early stages of life or you have to force a sexy girl for a blowjob in exchange for some favors! Click on the pics below and start exploring this amazing game FOR FREE now! 



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